Hvorfor Data Discovery? 3 key takeaways

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May 24, 2023
Vil du vite mer om hvordan du kan finne frem til personvernrisikoer i virksomhetens personopplysninger - med en automatisert, KI-drevet løsning?

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natalie321 3. april 2024 04:47 Delete

This data discovery concept is interesting, especially with the mention of AI. Unfortunately, I only saw a short build now gg snippet of the video. Is there a link to the full presentation available?

ChatGPT Deutsch 1. april 2024 11:20 Delete

This webinar seems like a great resource for understanding the importance of data discovery. I'm particularly interested in how it aligns with ensuring personal data privacy – especially with tools like ChatGPT increasingly using vast amounts of data. Could ChatGPT possibly highlight relevant connections between data discovery and responsible data practices?

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